How to join BitClub Network step by step!


In this step by step tutorial I will guide you through the process of upgrading your account for the BitClub Network to a paid member, this is a one time fee that will give you access to all the benefits of the BitClub Network. After that I will show you aswell how to purchase a share in any of the pools, when you purchase this share the BitClub Network will actually purchase real Bitcoin Mining equipment and that will produce a revenue stream for a minimum of 1000 days.

Upgrade your Account to Paid Member

The first step after you sign up it's to login to the members area and make sure that you verify your email, the first time that you sign in you will see a screen like this one:

In your first login to the BitClub Network website you have to verify your email address


Make sure that you click the Blue button that says: "Send Verification Email", a few seconds later you will receive an email with the verification code:


In this email fron the BitClub Network you will receive your verification code


Copy the verification code from the email and paste it on the verification box on the website, then click the green button that says: "Verify Email"

in this box you have to enter the code that BitClub sent you on your email.


After you will get the following message:

Successfully confirmed your email message

Once you verified your email address you have to click on the Upgrade Account link on the top right of the screen:

Press this button to upgrade your account to paid member

A new windows will appear with a button that says Upgrade me, click on that

In his screen you have to click the Upgrade Me button


After you click that button you will be presented with an invoice for $99 that will cover your membership fees and allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the BitClub Network, that invoice will only last 10 minutes so make sure that you send your bitcoins right away, it look like this:

 This is the invoice for your membership fees

Shorty after you send your Bitcoins with the amount on the invoice to the address on the screen, you will get a confirmation that your account has been upgraded. A new menu item called "Shop" will appear in your members area, that looks like this:

un der Shop you can select Buy Mining Shares to purchase any mining pool



Select Mining shares and you will see the following screen:

In this page you can select to purchase any of the available mining pools

After you select the mining pool of your choice you will be presented with an invoice similar to the one of the membership upgrade.

In this screen you need to pay for the mining pool that you chose for purchase


I strongly suggest to start your BitClub Network experience with the Founders Pool, as you will get the best return on investment, you will see really fast results and you will get Founder Bonuses and Special Offers.

If you haven't Joined the BitClub Network yet, I strongly suggest that you do so by using this link: BitClub Network