Purchase and Send Bitcoins using Coinbase

In order to send Bitcoins to your wallet using Coinbase, you will need purchase the Bitcoins using your credit card then, you will need to enter a valid wallet address where you want your Bitcoins to go. In this article we show you step by step how to do just that!

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If you already have a Coinbase account and you passed verification, then login to your account dashboard, it should look like this:

Coinbase Dashboard

If you already added a credit card as a method of payment it will automatically display under Payment Method. The next step is to enter the amount of Bitcoins that you will like to purchase. You have the choice to enter the amount in Dollars or in BTC.

Purchase BTC using your credit card with Coinbase After that make sure that under the Buy tab Bitcoin has a check mark, the right credit card is selected and that you have the right amount. If everything looks good click the button that says "Buy Bitcoin Instantly".

Confirm the Purchase of BTC using your credit card with Coinbase

In this screen they will display all the specifications of your purchase including the Coinbase fee, if everything looks right go ahead and click Confirm Buy. After that the Bitcoins that you bought should appear under your BTC Balance. On the top menu click Accounts, you will see a screen like this:

In this screen you could see your BTC balance

Click on the send button to use your Bitcoin, a new window will show popup where you have to enter the wallet address and the amount of Bitcoin that you need to send:

In this screen you have enter the wallet address where you want to send the Bitcoins

In order to get your wallet address, you will need to go to your desktop wallet and click the receive button to display your wallet address:

Exodus wallet address copy link

Now click on the copy address button and paste the address on you Coinbase popup screen:

Enter wallet address and amount

Now that you are all set to send Bitcoins using your Coinbase account, go ahead and click continue.

To confirm sending Bitcoins using your Coinbase account go ahead and click the Confirm button. Shortly after that you should be able to see the incoming BTC transaction in your Exodus wallet.

Show Bitcoin receival in your Exodus Wallet

Exodus wallet is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, If you don't have an Exodus wallet you can download it here for free:


Coinbase is available in 32 countries, if you don't have a Coinbase account you can open it here:

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